Automate Engagement

Kylar automates outreach to candidates with a conversational experience using powerful voice AI.


Natural sounding and engaging, Kylar differentiates your brand from your competitors, enabling you to quickly scale conversations with candidates in your talent database.


Chose to outreach to candidates with a specific job in mind or to simply to check in with candidates and update their record after a period of inactivity.  Where relevant Kylar will lead the conversation with a candidate to schedule a call with a recruiter.

Differentiate your brand

Accelerate communication with candidates and differentiate your brand.  Unlike text communication, Kylar is faster, more intuitive and the most natural way for candidates to communicate.

Kylar will message candidates, through either SMS or email, inviting them to speak.  Kylar runs in browser, sitting behind a dynamic URL.  

On completion Kylar writes the output of the conversation baonm

Unlock your database

For every recruiter, their greatest asset is the talent in their database.  Candidate availability and requirements continue to change and without regular updates their candidate record quickly becomes outdated.

Keep this asset up-to-date takes time.  With no time constraints a regular call with a candidate makes sense, but with the time pressures of a recruiter this is never possible.  Let Kylar do that call for you .

Simply create a Tear Sheet of candidates and ask Bullhorn to Outreach with Kylar.

1. Create Tear Sheet   |  2. Create Message   |  3.  Engage   |  4.  Schedule   |  5.  React  


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"Before Kylar, reaching out to 1,000 candidates could take several weeks.  Kylar delivers the same results in minutes.  But the best thing about Kylar is how candidates perceive the voice experience.  It makes us stand out."

Head of Resourcing, Contingent Hiring